PS3 Repair Guide

When looking for a PS3 repair guide you need something which covers all known problems.
A good Ps3 repair guide should have solutions for
 1: Disk Errors
 2: Red Screen
 3: Black Screen
 4: YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death)
 5: Freezing Errors
 6: Green Light
 7: Error Codes

If you are faced with one of the problems listed above, and are looking for a solution, you might want to try a few things that often fix the problem, that is not permanent but it might get your ps3 going for now. So, you might want to

  • Check for loose cables. If all is well, restart your Ps3
  • Sometimes unplugging all cables except the power cord, and plugging them back in should get it going
  • Last thing you might try, pull out your hard drive and put it back in again.

And if all of the above did not work then you might want to get yourself a credible PS3 repair Guide.

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This PS3 repair guide not only fixes all known problems, It fixes them permanently.

Comes with Professionally made video. So it is very easy to follow.

Also includes an Ebook which is very detailed.

Some of the best features in this PS3 repair guide are
a: its 24/7 customer support.
b: A members section where you can access all the updates on any future problems, and a forum.

To sum it all up this PS3 repair guide is easy to follow, compiled by a professional repairman, and one of the best and cheapest alternatives available if you are not willing to pay Sony a whole heap of money.

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