Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix

Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death FixI think it is safe to assume that just about every xbox 360 owner is familiar with the phenomenon commonly known as "Red Ring Of Death" or RROD.
Before we move on any further let me try to briefly explain the reason behind RROD
Xbox 360 motherboard has got two large x-clamps on the bottom. Job of these clamps is to hold the heat sinks on with a hook on every corner. These clamps get their tension by pressing on the mother board. This puts alot of pressure on the motherboard and also on CPU and GPU which are directly underneath. It is a very good mechanism to hold the heat sinks.
How ever in their hurry to release it Microsoft failed to consider the high temperatures generated by the consoles chips.

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High temperatures cause the mother boards to soften and combined with the pressure from the clamps it causes the board to warp, which then causes the chip either CPU or GPU to lift off the pads. This is the reason behind xbox 360 red ring of death.
Now that we know the problem lets look at how we can reverse the damage.
Here are few basic steps you can perform to fix your console.
1: Remove the X-clamps and heat sinks
2: Clean heat sinks, cpu/GPU
3: Unscrew heat sink posts from the heat sinks.
4: Enlarge holes in the metal casing under sink posts.
5: Use 5mm machine screws with some washers to bolt the sinks down without the x-clamps.


By adding washers and getting rid of the x-clamps you are making sure that the mother board stays flat after heating, the connections keep touching the pad and the chips keep functioning properly. A pretty simple and straight forward fix if you ask me.
For a person who has never seen an Xbox motherboard before, this can be really confusing. Infact it is not, especially if you had a step by step videos on how to do this, along with step by step diagrams and notes. Its a simple 45 minutes to an hour fix.

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