Xbox 360 rrod repair guide

Xbox 360 RROD fixA very common problem as we all know, being a common problem also means alot of solutions out there too, most popular seems to be wrapping up your xbox 360 in a few towels for about 20 minutes and leaving it turned on for about a quarter of an hour, it seems to fix some consoles if only temporarily.
Theory behind this technique is understandable as you are trying to overheat solder points which can melt and fix your console sometimes. But that is one side of the picture, on the other hand the damage you can cause to your console by intentionally over heating is far greater than a might be fix.
You don't really want to change your console into mini oven when you can just open it up with a simple screw driver, find the problem, fix it, put your console back together and start playing again. All in less than an hour.
yes you do not need to be an electrician to do that. Not if you had an Xbox 360 rrod repair guide which showed you a step by step video on how to fix your console. Starting from how to open your machine up to where your done fixing the problem and its time to put everything together again.
Xbox 360 rrod repair guide not only saves you money but also time. And it contains fixes to all known 360 problems. Means no more spending money if any problems rise their nasty head in future, Saves you sending you console to a so called expert who most probably is only going to do a temporary fix, might swap some parts and charge you twice the amount, saves you sending to Microsoft who will only send you a refurbished one, meaning it will not be your console and you will loose all your game saves, games, or any other data you might have saved and also will charge you a hefty $150 for fixing one little problem, and not to mention a 4 to 6 week waiting period.
Xbox 360 rrod repair guide offers you a package with videos and written pdf notes to fix all known Xbox 360 problems, you can finish fixing your console in an hour or less, you can fix any other problem that might happen in future besides red ring of death, you will get to know your console technically and avoid any other problems by happening at all in future.

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